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Etched in stone
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About Etched in Stone

We were established in 1997 and have years of experience in the Screen Printing, Embroidery and Engraving Industry. Our standards are high at EIS Graphics and we are a team of professionals that are working to produce the highest quality custom products in the industry.


What We Can Do For You

EIS Graphic is dedicated in providing the best quality, this is our standard not the exception. We won’t be calling you with the bad news that we didn’t get to your custom screen printing, embroidery order and engraving.




Charge Forward

Our Company Philosophy

Our philosophy of doing business is that it is our responsibility to be clear about what we understand that our customer wants. It is our role to provide a high quality product that performs to our customer’s expectations. We know, if we are reliable and trustworthy in the product and service we provide, our customers will return and tell others about us.

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459 Main Street Whiteland, Indiana

+1 317 535 8160